Intel says go, triggering rush to be first with fourth generation
After months of delay, embedded board makers around the world were finally allowed to announce their products based on the Intel fourth generation Core processor in early June. Many of these had products ready back in February at Embedded World in Nuremberg but had been held back on official launches by Intel’s strict rules.

Qualcomm could pass Intel at top of embedded processor chart
Intel could lose its position as the leading emebedded processor vendor to Qualcomm by the end of this year, according to a report from Semicast. Intel was the largest supplier of embedded processors in 2012, just ahead of Qualcomm, according to preliminary findings from the 2013 edition of Semicast’s Embedded Processing Service.

Altera aims for FPGA performance breakthrough
Altera believes its tenth generation FPGAs and SoCs will solve the problem of newer process technologies only providing small increases in core performance. The company says that its Arria 10 and Stratix 10 will use the latest process technologies yet provide a breakthrough in performance and power consumption.

Silicon Labs takes over Energy Micro
Consolidation in the Arm market continued last month with the announcement that Silicon Labs is taking over Energy Micro. Both companies’ 32bit MCU and wireless products use the same Arm Cortex-M architecture. Based in Norway, Energy Micro has made its name by offering what it claims is the industry’s most power-efficient portfolio of 32bit microcontrollers and is developing multi-protocol wireless RF products based on the Cortex-M architecture.

IPC predicts slow growth

Adacore provides software development for space station

Processor opportunities in China

Lynuxworks tackles security for internet of things

Imec and Renesas break 28nm cmos receiver record

Win a Microchip 8bit wireless development kit
Wireless: Sensors everywhere
Joy Weiss, Ross Yu and Jonathan Simon explore the advantages of low-power wireless sensor networks
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PC-Based Automation: Industrial imPACt
James Okpeh explains how programmable automation controllers are meeting the demands of modern industrial applications
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Systems on Chip: Game changer
Rob Green explains why the move to ever-higher definition video and audio content means broadcasters and other infrastructure providers are striving to keep up with rapidly changing standards while still delivering the content their subscribers demand
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Military & Aerospace: EMC minefield
Jean-Louis Evans looks at the difficulties in achieving electromagnetic compatibility when integrating military and commercial off-the-shelf products into complex military systems
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Air baffles meet Micro TCA.4
Pentair has developed Schroff air baffles for front and rear IO that meet the Micro TCA sub-specification defined for the advanced physics community, known as Micro TCA.4. This incorporates additional rear IO and precision timing enhancements to the Micro TCA base specification for performing and evaluating experiments on particle acceleration and photon behaviour at physical research centres.
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3U VPX board relies on Qoriq CPU
A 3U VPX board with quad-core Freescale Qoriq CPU supports hypervisor technologies to consolidate multiple applications into a single platform. The Kontron VX3240 is for rugged embedded systems. The headless VPX design has four 1.2GHz Power Architecture e500mc cores for military, aerospace and transportation markets. Integrated hypervisor support enables the use of low-level safety critical virtualisation technologies from companies such as Wind River, RTS and Sysgo.
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Multi-touch panel meets IP30
For HMI use in automation and control technology, interactive passenger information system, point-of-sale (PoS) applications and industrial processes, Eltec has developed a high resolution, robust and easy-to-operate multi-touch panel to complement its industrial PCs and embedded boards. It uses intuitive operations technology for interactive applications, including four-finger gestures.
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Fanless Pico-ITX Atom SBC
The LP-172 Pico-ITX (100 by 72mm) format SBC from BVM is for embedded applications in compact installations where space is at a premium. Low power supports fanless operation for reliability and long life. The board is based around the NM10 Express chipset running the 32nm Intel Atom N2800 or D2550 Cedar Trail processors at 1.86GHz.
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